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 7/16/22 14u Tryout Results



Current Teams (2022)
-16u - Roster Full
-15u - Roster Full
-14u - Roster Full
-12u - Roster Full


Road to Cooperstown

-2017 Cooperstown Team - 6/3/17-6/9/17

-2019 Cooperstown Team -  6/22/19 - 6/28/19

-2020 Cooperstown Team - (6/13/20 - 6/19/20)

-2021 Cooperstown Team - (6/5/21 - 6/11/21)

-2022 Cooperstown Team - (July 2022)

-2023 Cooperstown Team - (June 2023)

About Pro Elite Baseball Club

Pro Elite Baseball Club was established by Peter Casazza and Jeff Bartlett with the intent to provide a high quality program with integrity.  With several club programs in the area that were burdened by high operating costs which trickled down to the players in membership fees, Pro Elite wanted to provide a quality program at a reasonable cost, where the players are taught more than just how to play the game.  Our goal is to cover the COST of playing only, tournament fees, uniforms, insurance etc.  Pro Elite Baseball Club is a Non-Profit Corporation with tax exempt 501(c) status with both the State of California and the Federal Government. 

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